Aquantan Glossary

Aquantis: Mermaid empire in the realm of Concordia. Consists of the waters surrounding the Summer Court

Aquantan Calendar: Goes by season, rather than months (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), 90 days in each season; six days per week (Henaday, Duoday, Treisday, Tessaraday, Pentaday, Hexiday), no one works or goes to school on the final day of the week

Azure Cherries: Blue fruit resembling cherries from the Human Realm that grow on trees in an underwater orchard

Brackish: Slang used when someone thinks something is stupid or unfair

Class Urchin: Someone everyone picks on

Concordia: Fae Realm. Exists in a separate dimension than the Human Realm (aka Protolaon)

Crimson Globe: A large red stone orb that provides heat and power to a building

Dolphin: Student of Thalassa Boarding School housed in the Dolphin Wing; known for being outgoing and brave, but often act without thinking through the possible consequences of their actions

Fae: Inhabitants of the courts of Concordia, closely resembling what humans would call “fairies”, although they are similar in height to humans

Frigid Sea: Cold Aquantan province east of the Summer Court of Concordia, between Summer and Autumn

Imperial Sea: Warm Aquantan province north of the Summer Court of Concordia; home to the royal family of Aquantis

Kelpie: A magical equine with the tail of a fish; can breathe underwater; bonds with both Summer fae and merpeople

Lilapple: A purple fruit resembling an apple from the Human Realm that grows on trees in an underwater orchard

Lily Candies: Pink and purple swirled fruit taffy candies

Head Mermaid/Merman: Student in their final year of school given a small amount of authority over fellow students in their wing to help maintain order

Protolaon: The Human Realm

Splendiferous Sea: Tropical Aquantan province south of the Summer Court of Concordia

Squid-Inked: Slang used in a hopeless situation

Thalassa Boarding School: Boarding school most merchildren from the Torrid Sea attend for eight years, starting at age ten

Tides Alive: Slang used when one is frustrated or outraged

Torrid Sea: Warm Aquantan province west of the Summer Court of Concordia, between Spring and Summer; home to Mary Mason, her family, and her friends

Tripotent: An extremely complicated piece of song magic meant to be sung between three powerful merpeople to bring a feeling of peace and security to an entire city of people.

Turtle: Students at Thalassa Boarding School housed in the Turtle Wing; known for being quiet and studious, but often have problems fitting in or standing up for themselves

Whirlpools: Slang used when one is frustrated with a situation

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